• Media Management

    We advise on, create and implement structured programs aimed at informing Media, which includes Print media at national, regional and local level, daily publications, Broadcast-Television, Radio, Newswire and on-line service providers about our client’ business activities.

  • Celebrity Management

    Celebrity endorsement advertising is defined as well-known person using his or her fame to help promote a product or service.

  • Education PR

    We plan in a systematic two-way communication process to encourage public involvement and earn public understanding and support.

  • Political PR

    We truly understand the constant need and importance of target plans, rapid response, effective press strategy, political outreach and direct contact with voters to ensure that every dimension of the political campaign is worked upon and executed without a single mistake.

  • Medical PR

    We offer creative solutions for healthcare communication for areas such as food, nutrition and pharmacy, hospital care, beauty clinics and so on.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Social Media Marketing (Facebook Commercial Page) including payment to Facebook and our management services with free management of Twitter and YoutubeChannel.